Spread Happy.

I pulled into the checkout line behind a woman with a loaded cart (and a loaded cart of my own.) A guy came in behind me and complained to his friend through the phone about the long line when he only had one item. When it cametime to put my things on the belt, I encouraged him to go ahead of me. He balked at first and said “it’s really not a big deal” but I told him that I truly didn’t mind. He softened a bit, thanked me and took my place. As the lady in front was checking out, she tried paying with her WIC but her total was $1.17 over her allowance and the cash she had on hand. She told the cashier to put the bag of 2 apples back and before I could jump in (you know I’m not letting $1 come between a family and apples lol!), the formerly grumpy guy between us offered to pay her balance. And then gave the 83 cents change to the lady’s daughter. 


Generosity is contagious!

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