Power Hour

Almost a year ago, I met an incredible woman named Alana Le and we became fast friends. She has the perfect balance of warmth and friendliness with ambitious professionalism and is incredibly talented at what she does. I was inspired from our very first meeting and she continues to amaze me with her content marketing skills.


Photo Credit: Autumn Will of Autumn Marie Photography

We’re both entrepreneurs and we connected on the notion that owning your own business can be lonely at times. Even though I have a team of entrepreneurs that I work with virtually, there is something to be said about sitting in a coffee shop together and strategically planning out your goals.

We started meeting for coffee (tea, for me!) and I loved being able to work quietly but still have someone to bounce ideas off of. Here’s a great article that highlights why co-working works.

As great as our coffee dates were, we really wanted to connect with more business owners in our area.

So, Alana came up with the brilliant idea of Power Hour.


From the Power Hour website:

“Every week we meet up and have discussion questions and business strategy exercises that we each apply to our businesses on the spot. Then we take turns sharing our biggest successes and failures from the week, and get help from other entrepreneurs in areas where we are stuck.”

We started with 3 members and now we’ve grown to over 20!


Are you an entrepreneur looking for a way to connect with others through professional development and growth? 

Maybe you just have a business idea and are thinking of diving into this world.

Either way, you are welcome to join us. We love making new friends and supporting each other!

Not sure what to expect? Here’s a great article  written by a Power Hour newbie!

Power Hour is virtual too! Simply get in touch and I’ll get you the details for the video conferencing events.

Get to know some of the other ladies of Power Hour!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 5.51.32 PM

Don’t forget to chase after your dreams today!

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