Printable 90 Day Planner from Perfectly Organized


I’m so excited about my new 90 day daily planner! While I think yearly calendars are great for long-term planning, most of my goal-planning is structured in 90 day increments. I searched high and low for a planner that included only the topics that were important to me on a daily basis and thanks to Etsy, I finally have the perfect planner for my needs!

I ordered the PDFs from the Etsy seller, Perfectly Organized, and I was able to instantly download them. How sweet is that?!

Let me give you a little tour through my lovely planner!

When you open the laminated cover, the first page you’ll see is a 6 month spread with space to write down important events.


Flip the page and you’ll see a two-page monthly spread. I like to write my events down on sticky notes so they’re easy to move around as plans change.


Then for each day, I have a daily page with tons of places for note-taking! These PDFs are editable so you can type in specific categories for each section before printing them out. I wanted to play around with mine for a few months to see what categories are most important each day before I printed them on my next daily planner.


One of my favorite features about the daily pages are the :30 time increments. I’ve been trying to plan my day out ahead of time so that I’m prioritizing and managing my time better. My friend Alana wrote a great blog post about this technique.


Every Monday, my team and I have a business meeting and I used to just tuck in a random sheet of note paper in my planner with our ideas jotted down but that paper could easily fall out or just get overlooked. When making my new planner, I made a specific note page opposite every Monday so that I can plan out our meeting and take notes that will stay put.


After my 90 days of planner pages, I have a few more sections that I “touch” every day.


My blog is so new and I have a million ideas just floating around in my head.


I need a place to organize them as well as plan them out ahead of time. Social Media can be so darn overwhelming sometimes! ha!


Outside of work, I am trying my hand at homeschooling my preschooler and we’re having a great time!



And my last section is my accountability planner!


I am the queen of excuses so having a schedule to stick to helps me stay on top of my goals.



And finally, I need a ton of notes pages at the end to jot down my random ideas and to-do’s.


There’s my very own 90-day printable planner and I love it!


If you want to make your own planner, I highly recommend going this route! If you shop from Perfectly Organized, you’ll be in for a treat! She has so many great printables and packages to choose from. I started printing a few pages out and realized that I needed a thicker paper stock so I used 28 lb premium paper for my pages. Once you have everything printed out, take it to your local office supply store to have the end pages laminated and then the whole planner bound.

I paid around $30 for all of the printables that I can use again and again. Then about $10 for lamination and binding the pages together. :)

So, how do you keep your life organized? Do you like digital or paper planners?

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