Hawks Prairie CrossFit (New Affiliate in Lacey!)

I couldn’t help but giggle when my neighbor invited me to try out the new CrossFit gym that she’s been going to. This girl (in the light blue on the right) loves bodybuilding more than anything and you couldn’t mention CrossFit around her without some eye-rolls happening. So, imagine my utter shock when she invited me to Hawks Prairie CrossFit this morning.


Even though I have been on vacation and just finished a gluttonous stroll through lazytown totally legitimate 2 week rest period, I just knew I had to check out the place that turned my CrossFit-sneering friend around…


Before I even arrived, I made sure that I could bring the little Who along and to my surprise, not only could I bring her but they actually had childcare volunteers that entertained the little ones for the entire hour. Win!

After signing my waiver, we got right into the warmup at 9:30 am. The warmup reminded me of a tabata-style workout without the rest periods. haha! I was definitely ready to go after that one! After some stretching, I got to learn a new move – the High Hang Power Snatch.

I had always struggled with learning the compound movements in CF but the coaches Jacob and Sunny broke every movement down so well that I felt comfortable enough to start adding a little weight. Here they are, pictured below, but excuse the blurriness – I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Don’t take pics after the workout when your arms are shaking!


Alright, so after 4 sets of 5 of the HHPS, we still had a workout to do! :)


Box Jumps

Tricep Dips

Push Press


I love box jumps but those tricep dips and push presses really took some determination. That darn band was tough for little ‘ol balance-challenged me so I modified with tricep dips off the box. The push presses reminded me how weak I get in my upper body when I take too much time off!

This workout was great for getting back into a routine. Something new, fun and even though my neighbor beat my time, it was fun to do with a group. :)

Hawks Prairie CrossFit will be having their Grand Opening tomorrow, November 1st in Lacey, WA. If you’re local, I hope you make it over there to check them out!

They have some fun events planned like these:

1 PM: Weightlifting Demonstration and Introduction to CrossFit

(this is your chance to find out what CrossFit is all about)

2 PM: Community Throw-down (21-15-9 Push-Ups/Squats/Sit-Ups)

(All fitness levels, all ages, all welcome!)

3 PM: Burpee Contest

(Teams from The Lacey City Police and Fire Departments, US Marines, Navy, Airborne, and Army complete as many burpees as possible in 3 minutes)

There will also be free food, drinks and tons of giveaways!

If you go, tell them Pam sent ya! :)

Be sure to connect with them via Facebook and their website!

And because fitness is all about having fun, I leave you with this cute pic of the little Who reminding us to always have fun!


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