Travel-Sized 90 Day Planner

I’ve been using my 90 Day Planner for a month a half and I felt it needed a few adjustments. Specifically, these are the issues I dealt with:

  • I didn’t need a daily planner page for the weekends so those were a bit of a waste of paper
  • I wanted a smaller travel-sized planner to toss into my purse
  • I needed a Social Media Plan for each week
  • Having some work-related references would save me a lot of time
  • I needed more space for notes

And because the printables from Perfectly Organized were mine to keep, it didn’t take any time at all to put together a new planner. I did go back to purchase another printable for use in this new planner, though.

So, let’s go through it together, shall we?

I found this great quote on Pinterest for the front of my planner and just added some personal details to the bottom. (my apologies for not having the person’s information to give credit to)


Once I open my planner, I see one of my favorite mantras staring back at me. I noticed a huge shift in my life when I committed to thinking positively and I love to be reminded of all the good that happens when you focus on the bright side.


Next up, each month has a two-page spread using the printable here:


This file is editable so you can add in categories on the side:


When you turn the page, before we get to the weekly pages, I added in a 30 Day Challenge page! I love this tool to stay accountable with a new healthy habit or goal that I make each month.


Here are some other 30 Day Challenges that I’m working toward in the next few months:



Then we get to the weekly breakdowns. While I loved all of the list-making opportunities on the daily planner pages, I noticed that I really wanted to see the whole week in one 2-page spread. There is plenty of room in the margins to write down notes and other tidbits of info and I’ll point out another tool in a bit that will help me tackle tasks.

20141114_134744And don’t judge me – yes, I schedule uninterrupted play time with my 3 year old. lol Play time always seems to get the short end of the stick when working around errands, work commitments and other responsibilities. I’m trying to get better about leaving the to-do list alone for 2 hours every day just so we can play.


Right after the weekly spread, I put in this handy checklist for making sure that I post consistently on social media. Because I work from home, the internet and social media platforms are my main forms of outreach. I’m naturally reclusive so I really have to plan out how I’m going to stay consistent and post relevant information.


After using my planner for awhile, I figured out which categories of tasks I used daily. Seeing all of the notes and to-dos on one page helps me keep track of what needs to be done that week. If I don’t get to a task Monday, I no longer have to add it to Tuesday’s page because they are listed on this one page. I’m excited to see how this technique helps me manage my task load.


20141114_134816This sequence of monthly spread, 30-day challenge, weekly spread, social media checklist and to-do lists repeat themselves for a 90 day period. Following that, I added another list of ideas to jot down when inspiration strikes. (I promise I have ideas lol I just haven’t moved them over to this new planner yet! This new planner is hot off the press!)

  20141114_134928 After my blog ideas list, I added a few materials and references from my virtual franchise. These are files that I’m always referring to when talking with clients, prospects and team members so having them in my planner just made sense! (I didn’t include the majority of them in this blog post but this one gives you an idea of what I’m talking about)


And finally, to round things out, I always need a ton of notes pages. I loved these “Sketches” note sheets so I printed a bunch to put at the back of the planner.

20141114_134959 20141114_135018

I love the smaller size of this new planner – you can see the size difference from the first planner that I made.


I’m so excited to start working with this new and improved 90 day planner! If you decide to use Perfectly Organized for your printable needs, you won’t be disappointed! :) Kira is so great to work with and I highly recommend her!

I heard that a few of you ordered some printables to make your own planners – how did that work out for you? What are some ways that it has helped you get more organized?

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