Taking the Stress out of Holiday Shopping

Every year, in the week before Christmas, I tell myself, “Next year, I’m going to start my holiday shopping in July and then I’ll spread out the mayhem over 6 months.” Ha! That never happens.

What usually goes down is I focus on the day ahead and then before I know it, it’s Thanksgiving, then it’s Black Friday and then Cyber Monday and THEN, I start thinking about where and how to find the perfect gift for each person in my family. You know, the one thing that captures the very specific and emotional feeling that I have when I think of that person. :) I get these elaborate ideas and when I finally nail down the perfect gift idea, it’s the day before Christmas and it costs over $200. And then, I wonder, “Why, oh WHY did I wait until the month of December to do this??” and “Where, oh WHERE did all of our budget go?”

So, let’s tackle those two problems, shall we?

Step One – Find the Perfect Gift

Sometimes, all you need is a little organization to get you started. I found this great printable from Exceptional Charm that you can download for free! It will help you organize your thoughts and ideas to find the perfect gift before the Holiday Shopping madness begins next weekend!

Christmas Shopping List

Some Tips to help you fill in those ideas:

1. Think of the person you’re buying for – what would they really love? I remember a friend saying that all she really wanted one year was a pair of those cheap corn on the cob holders. Really! That’s all she wanted and she still didn’t get them. I don’t know why I remember that but I always try to remind myself that sometimes when people tell you they want something, they might actually mean it. So, get the $2.99 corn on the cob holders and make someone happy. Or make these awesome ones :) Ok, enough about corn on the cob.


2. If you can’t come up with a specific idea, try jotting down open-ended ideas like their favorite store, or favorite color, or something that you did together recently. Those ideas could lead to gifts like a gift certificate to a show at a local comedy club or a unique accessory that you know they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves (hello, moms! Totally guilty of that.)

3. If you’re buying for a group of people, shop at one place and get different versions of the same gift. My friend got 4 bracelets from Alex and Ani and tailored each bracelet to the recipient. It was thoughtful, unique and will forever be remembered as something binding us together.


4. Check out online retailers that promote really off the wall stuff like The Grommet. They continuously showcase new artists and creators who come up with things that make you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So, instead of yet another bath and lotion kit, give these out of the box thinkers some support!


Cardboard Smartphone Projector – whaaaaat???? Why didn’t I think of that??

5. Stay tuned in a few days for my Holiday Gift Ideas post! :)

Step Two – Afford the Perfect Gift

There are ways to plan ahead and budget for the cash outflow of holiday shopping but remember, this is the last-minute person’s guide. :) A few years ago, I opened my virtual franchise for $50 and was able to bring in over $1000 in two short months. Coincidentally, that happened between October and December so it was perfect timing for everything we had planned over the holidays. Throughout the years since, I’ve been teaching other stay-at-home moms to do the very same thing. And this is how we did it:

We lived our life. 

And throughout the day to day comings and goings, we talked about Juice Plus with the people we cared about. Some of our conversations went like this: “I know it’s hard to get kids to eat veggies. That’s why our family takes Juice Plus,” “I’m so glad we found out about Juice Plus because now we hardly get sick and can do fun things all winter long,” or “I heard you say that you just don’t have the energy like you used to. Why don’t you do Transform30 with me? It will be fun and you’ll feel amazing!” And through those simple conversations, we got to share something we loved with the people we loved. Some people became clients and others became team members. But through it all, we all got something. Clients got better health. Team members got better health and added income.

With Transform30, we really saw our community and income grow quickly. Everyone wants to be healthy – not everyone knows how to go about doing it. With this program, we can help our friends and family finally break free of health issues through the power of whole foods. And when they fall in love with the whole program, we help them share it with their group of friends so they can earn some income too.

By doing Transform30 with two of your friends and then teaching 3 other friends how to do what you just did, you can have the disposable income to squirrel away or splurge on those holiday gifts.

This is how the whole she-bang looks like on paper:

You Plus Two Teach Three

This type of business model is perfect for holiday work as there are no sales quotas to meet and your schedule is completely flexible. You have no requirement to build your business after the holiday season as long as you simply stay in touch with your clients throughout their journey. All commission levels are permanent so you won’t have to start all over again next year :) It’s such a great thing to work when you want to and build your paycheck when it is convenient for you.

Our company has been an industry leader for over 40 years and has a long history of growth. Not just a network marketing business, our franchise model is unique, tried and proven. How much you earn is up to you and you are in control of your output. Listen to these stories of regular, normal people building a legacy in their spare time.

If this is something you’re interested in, join our mission today for $50 and start expanding that holiday shopping budget!

Best of luck to all of you with your holiday adventures – I’m secretly hoping to be whisked away to a tropical island to escape this PNW weather :)

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