Make 2015 the Year of Vibrant Health!

New Year New You (1)


Enrolling Transformers for the January 1st group! Put yourself up on that list of priorities and feel what it’s like to have 40+ plant foods coursing through your body. You deserve it!

This program is unlike anything else out there! You will be feeding your body whole food products, not supplements. You will be making small, lasting changes that are simple and easy to do. There are just so many benefits to this rejuvenation plan! Don’t you think it’s time to take care of YOU for once?

To start on the first of the New Year, your order must be placed by the 15th (especially if you live out on the West Coast!) so don’t miss your shot.

You will need:

– Juice Plus (capsules or chewables) and

– Juice Plus Complete (Vanilla, Chocolate or both.)

To order, simply go HERE or better yet, contact me through Facebook so we can get some free Juice Plus for your kids!

Want to find out more about what this is before you jump in? Learn more HERE or join us for our Facebook events where you get all the information with NO risk.

What do you have to lose?


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