February T30 Update


I was so excited to share with you my Transform30 journey back in February and then I completely dropped the ball on updating all of you! Better late than never, right?

The first week of T30 was great. I didn’t detox at all and I could feel my body just soaking up all the nutrients that it had been missing through the holidays!

Here is the picture I shared with you back in February:


For this round, I eliminated wheat and dairy while keeping my intake of animal based protein pretty high. I ate a lot of eggs in the morning and lean chicken at lunch and at night. I drank two Complete smoothies a day, at my designated snack times, which brought my 3 meals a day to at least 5 meals a day.

By the end of the thirty days, I felt pretty amazing! I was so excited to see some more definition in my stomach area, thanks to the elimination of wheat (bread makes me bloated).

Here is the progression of my T30, (pics taken weekly):

Pam T30 Results

All in all, it was another great T30 experience and I went into my 3 month vacation whirlwind feeling pretty great! My energy levels were high and I felt nourished from the inside out. I can’t ask for any more than that!

After the February T30, I went on vacation to Las Vegas, Honolulu, Charleston, Sacramento, and Fayetteville in a 3 month period. I was so pleased that I only put 1 lb of weight back on after 3 months of being “off the program” but I definitely lost some muscle definition. I’ve been back in the gym for about a week now (ooooouch) and have already started another round of T30! This time around, I will be going wheat and dairy-free but also cutting way back on my chocolate addiction consumption.

If you’re interested in doing the Transform30 challenge, you can learn more on my website and then purchase the products you’ll need to get started! I love doing this with friends so join me!

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