A Day of Eating in a Busy Day

We had a very busy day of driving (and LEGOLAND!) today so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you how I stay on track with my eating while being super busy! 

When I know that I’m going to be out all day and I will probably be eating out and/or eating processed foods, I make every attempt to at least start my day with a home cooked breakfast. This is just some liquid egg whites scrambled with a sliced yellow kiwi on the side.

My next meal took place in the car as we neared the end of our 2.5 hour drive. I prefer a home cooked prepped meal but sometimes you just aren’t prepared. I love having KIND bars in my car and I’m kinda getting hooked on these protein chips from Quest. :) 

And finally, we stop for lunch! We ate at Zoe’s Kitchen, which I love! I wish we would get one in Washington soon :) I got the Salmon Kabob plate with a side of white bean soup(?) The entire plate was over 600 calories which is quite a bit more than my typical 300 calorie meals so I gave my pita bread, hummus and tzaziki dip to my daughter and I just had the salmon kabobs and veggies. That move cut the calories down in half! 
After lunch, we spent the next few hours at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta :) 

By the time we left that chaos, I was ready to eat again! I always keep these non-refrigerated bottles of almond milk and packets of Complete with me for “hangry” emergencies. :-) My water bottle has a shaker ball inside so it’s super easy to shake up on the go! We also popped into a Sprouts grocery store and I got a little container of yogurt to add to my meal. I love this brand of yogurt because it has equal amounts of sugar and protein. All in all, this meal packed in 28 grams of protein!


I wanted to mention here that I managed to get in a full gallon of water today! Woo hoo! I struggle with drinking enough water because I always forget but sitting down for 5 hours today really helped! Haha!
Here are all the “supplements” I take. I have my 6 capsules of whole food powders (not vitamins!) and 2 gel caps of fish oil. On my workout days, I also take a BCAA powder.


We got home around 9 and right before bed, I had some hard boiled egg whites and some strawberries. Yes, I eat late at night and it has had absolutely no impact on my fat loss track record. Myth busted. This meal was at 10 pm. :)

And that’s it! A full day of eating for me when I’m away from the kitchen for the majority of it. It is quite low in carbs since it was a rest day – my workout days are much more carb-filled! :) 

If you want a meal plan developed for you to reach your goals based on YOUR body, I highly recommend my nutrition coach. She is a master at what she does! 

Talk to you soon! Keep Hustlin!

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