A Typical Day of Clean Eating

My last blog post documented a day of eating while traveling and driving most of the day. This time around, I wanted to document a typical day of eating while staying home the majority of the day (which is much more typical for me.) 

I have breakfast usually within an hour of waking up. Along with this meal of chicken sausage, egg and berries, I drink my first 32 oz bottle of water. Throughout the day, I drink about a gallon of water.  
A few hours later (no more than 3), I’ll have my second meal. I love Thai peanut sauce so I’ll pair it with something high protein to balance out the fat. Add in some green beans and you’ve got a quick, easy protein packed meal!

Lunch is usually something more starchy so I had this chicken chili with kidney beans and diced tomatoes. Chili is incredibly filling and gives me that extra boost to get over the mid-day slump! I used 95% lean ground chicken in this recipe but you can use turkey as well!

In the mid-afternoon is when I get snacky so yogurt usually hits the spot. Most yogurt cups don’t have enough protein to be a meal so I like to pair it with another low-carb protein source. This shrimp was divine since I sautéed it in a dab of butter! I try not to get too fancy with this meal because I’m usually busy! 

And then we have dinner! I’ve gotten so tired of cooking chicken so I’ve been grilling/baking fish more than ever before! I thaw out some frozen fish and then bake it in the oven before laying it on a handful of greens and then tossing chopped walnuts on top. The moisture from the fish combined with the fat from the walnuts is the perfect substitute for dressing! 

The meal I look forward to every day is dessert! I usually always have something chocolatey and these protein brownies hit the spot. They were incredibly easy to make and paired perfectly with the strawberries for a sweet treat. And as a bonus, they completely fit into my macros for the day! If you’d like to make this recipe on your own, I got it from this website

And there you have it! A snapshot of my day in food. :-) I also carb cycle so this is a “low-carb” day for me. My training days have quite a bit more carbs so I’ll document that soon! 


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