Meal Prep Mavens (Now in KC!) 

I love meal prep. I really do. It helps me stay fueled throughout the week and staying fueled means I don’t reach for the cookies (as often.) But, you want to know what I hate about meal prep? Eating the same damn thing every day, all week. 
My clever personal trainer Nicole came up with a genius idea to do meal prep as a team. Each person preps multiple servings of one meal and then we all get together and take home the ones we want to eat. On any given Sunday (hehe), we have a variety of 4-8 different choices and we each take home an assortment. It has completely changed the meal prep game for me!!

Our original group is still running in Lacey/Dupont, WA but since I’ve moved to Kansas City, MO, I knew I needed a new group here. Thankfully, we are already up and running with 4-5 regulars each week. And bonus! We have a vegetarian in the mix so there are a lot of plant-based lunches to choose from.

Are you in the Kansas City, MO or Lacey/Dupont area? If so, I invite you to join one of our groups! It’s free of charge and you’re only responsible for purchasing your containers and the ingredients for your meal. You’re also subject to learn more about Juice Plus and our mission through the FB group page but hey, that’s a given. ;) You don’t have to be a Juice Plus customer to be involved and we love making new friends! 

Not located in one of those areas? You can join our FB group, gain access to our cookbook and start a Meal Prep Mavens in your own town! So, what are you waiting for? Email me at fitnessonjuiceplus [at] to get started!

Have a wonderful day! 

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