10 Healthy and Fit Valentine’s Day Gifts 

(AKA my current wish list if anyone wants to share this with my hottie hubby :))

1. Sugar Lip Balm – by far, my favorite moisturizing lip product to keep my lips soft and healthy. If only I could keep from leaving it in my pockets and finding empty tubes in the dryer, that’d be great. :)

Photo cred: fresh.com

2. A Massage – and no, not the “I’ll give you a massage tonight” kind of massage. A real, legit, leave the kids and hubby at home and have a professional work out the muscle soreness kind of massage. 

Photo cred: http://www.thepetalumamassage.com/

3. Flip Belt – I have the classic version of this but I really love the idea of a zipper! It’s such a convenient accessory for keeping my phone close during workouts. 

Photo cred: flipbelt.com

4. Muscle Relieving Bath Bombs – how easy is this to drop in your bath after a grueling workout?! Plus, I’m sure it’s more exciting than dumping epsom salt in the tub. 

Photo cred: beautybyearth.com

5. Shields of Strength Necklace – I’ve always swooned over their jewelry promoting faith and fitness. What a perfect reminder to dig deeper!

Photo cred: shieldsofstrength.com

6. Personalized Yoga Mat – this brings out all my Southern monogram-loving feelings! Do you think they could personalize it with #dontbelazypam ??

Photo cred: mycustomyogamat.com

7. Nursing Sports Bra – I love my Cadenshae nursing hoodie but I wish I had ordered this bra to go with it! 

Photo cred: cadenshae.co.nz

8. “Made It To The Gym” Workout Tank – ’nuff said. 

Photo cred: Pinterest.com

9. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker – Nothing says “I love you” like less time in the kitchen. Am I right?

Photo cred: Amazon.com

10. Tower Garden -True, I do have one but I need another one to grow a full tower of strawberries! Why send chocolate covered strawberries when you grow a bazillion of them all year round?!

Photo cred: pamela.towergarden.com

How will you be spoiling your love on this Valentine’s Day? 



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