Avery Tough

My best friend got the worst call of her life last year. Her perfect, little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor and their lives changed drastically in an instant. Her story and an opportunity to help children like Avery are shared below.

Our daughter Avery Reyes was diagnosed with a brain tumor, craniopharyngioma, last April of 2015. She had emergency surgery at UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC to have it immediately removed. In June, we found out that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was conducting a clinical study on her particular tumor and they graciously accepted her as a patient. This has been a blessing and answered prayer to our family.

We will never be able to put into words what St. Jude means to our family. The care, dedication and love that are in the hospital are beyond phenomenal. St. Jude will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Avery loves to walk along a walkway around the St. Jude campus called the Pathway to Hope engraved with names honoring all of the many patients that have been at St Jude. These bricks—available for individual dedication—often represent the hopes and dreams of St. Jude families and supporters, and honor the recovery or the memory of beloved children in the fight of their lives. We thought it would be very neat to be able to surprise her with her very own brick!

A new section of the Pathway to Hope is being created for the sidewalk surrounding a $198 million tower under construction at St. Jude. The new tower includes the first proton therapy center in the world dedicated solely to children, as well as a state-of-the-art surgery center, intensive care unit and a global education and collaboration center. All proceeds from dedications for the new Pathway to Hope will go toward the tower. The pathway gives supporters and families like ours an opportunity to pay tribute to loved ones.

Today, Avery is a happy, healthy girl who is an amazing daughter and awesome big sister to her best friend and sister Emma. The brick will be a constant reminder that Avery will always be fighting her fight and the fact that if anything ever happens to her again, we know that St. Jude will welcome her with open arms. It will be an honor to have our daughter’s name on such an amazing tribute.

Rachel Reyes


You can join our fundraising efforts to donate to St. Jude through a personalized brick with the following campaigns: 

**** We were able to raise enough funds to get Avery’s personalized brick for the Pathway to Hope!  We continually donate to St. Jude if you’d like to participate in our open fundraisers below. 

  1. Avery Tough T-shirt – Campaign ends JULY 3, 2016

2. Magnets designed by Avery – by donation only. Email rachel.reyes05 [at] gmail.com. Available while magnets last!

3. Juice Plus Complete Shakes – All profits will be donated to St. Jude in Avery’s name (No time limit on this fundraiser!) Available in French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate. Avery’s favorite is Chocolate!