The Legacy Plan

Healthy habits are often learned at an early age but as we get older and take on more responsibilities, we may put other commitments ahead of healthy choices. There are challenges to maintaining healthy habits in our busy, stressful lifestyles but those challenges can be overcome with the Legacy Plan.

The Legacy Plan teaches you excellent long-lasting habits so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in spite of all the “quick fix” fad diets out there. First, you will learn how to flood your body with powerful, whole nutritious foods. Our bodies are designed to heal itself when you treat it well. The Legacy Plan encourages a plant-strong diet while still encouraging proper portions of your favorite foods. We focus on starting with good health on the inside to see it shine through in your outward appearance. Great health begins with powerful plant nutrition which why we recommend Juice Plus:

The Legacy Plan uses the Juice Plus capsules and Complete shakes to complement the main components of the program:

  • Simple, habit-based eating guidelines with proper portion control
  • Reliance on nutritious, energizing whole foods
  • Hydrating your body with enough water
  • Moving your body to lose fat and build muscle with included exercise programs

The results you can expect to have:

  • More energy and restful sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better mental clarity
  • Long-term healthy habits to carry forward

To get started, you will need to stock your kitchen with:

These two whole-food based products will support you as you learn eating habits critical for longterm health. The capsules provide the nutrition from 30 carefully selected fruits and vegetables proven to lower the oxidative stress in your body while building new, healthy cells. The Complete shakes are packed with the macronutrition of 14 plant foods so you can tackle your busy day. These shakes will energize you, reduce your cravings and repair your muscles as you exercise.

You will also receive the following at no extra cost to you:

  • The Legacy Plan Guidebook (complete with exact guidelines for how to build a healthy meal using whole foods. No more guesswork in portion sizes; know exactly how much of each food to put on your plate to reach your goals.)
  • A Grocery List of recommended whole foods to stock your kitchen.
  • Success tips for the most immediate results.
  • An at-home workout plan that you can do with minimal weights but still increase strength and encourage fat loss.
  • Tracking sheets to see your progress each week.
  • A secret FB group of other Legacy Leavers to cheer you on.

To begin Leaving Your Legacy, you will need:

4 orders of JuicePlus+ Complete (Vanilla, Chocolate, or a combination), as well as the JuicePlus+ Trio which consists of the Garden blend (vegetables), Orchard blend (fruits), and the Vineyard blend (grapes and berries).

If you need help deciding whether this plan will help you achieve great health or reach a specific goal, I will happy to help you! Email me or message me on Facebook to learn more!